Patient information sheets

Download topic sheets to give to your patients. Topics include food allergy and anaphylaxis, stress and anxiety, epinepherine, diagnosis, daily management, and myths and facts.

Doctor showing information on a tablet to a mother and her child

Topic sheets for your patients

You told us, and we listened. We surveyed the healthcare professional sector to ask what resources you need to support your patients with food allergy. From there, we developed six downloadable and printable resource sheets exclusively for you to share with your patients.

The information contained in these sheets has been medically reviewed by Dr. Julia Upton, MD, FRCPC, MPH.

If there is an additional topic you would like covered, please let us know at

Download these sheets and share with your patients:

Check out our additional patient resources and webinars for healthcare professionals and patients. You’ll find various topics covered by leading allergists and other experts, including early introduction of peanut to babies.