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Back-to-school 2023

Be prepared, be confident for back-to-school. Our new campaign will help you navigate food allergy with confidence.

Be prepared and confident for the new school year with our 2023 back-to-school campaign featuring new webinars, resources on navigating food allergy with confidence, #FoodAllergyHacks, and more.

Plus, check out our social media campaign “More than peanuts” which focuses on increasing public awareness of all food allergies and the importance of knowing what’s in the food you eat and/or share with others. Help amplify the message and drive awareness across the country!

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August 15th at 12pm EDT

Making allergy management a habit: Tools to help manage more confidently.


September 19 at 12pm EDT

Milk allergy: How to manage it and what to consider from a dietary perspective.


September 28 at 12pm EDT

Treating anaphylaxis and what you need to know about Benadryl®.

Social media campaign: More than peanuts

Our campaign focuses on supporting all food allergies, and highlighting the importance of knowing what’s in the food you eat and/or share.

Check out and share the campaign with your friends, family, and others to help drive awareness and ignite conversations across the country!

Be prepared

As the fall brings new routines, ensure you are prepared.

Have you made your annual allergist appointment, do you need to get your auto-injectors renewed? Check out our tips and resources on getting prepared.

Please note, Emerade auto-injectors are currently recalled in Canada.

Back-to-school hacks

Check out our fun hacks for back-to-school with food allergy.

Share our #FoodAllergyHacks on social media to spread food allergy awareness and education.

Tools and resources

Prepare for the new school year with our tools and resources. Watch our educational videos, take a free AllergyAware.ca course, download our back-to-school checklists, tip sheets, and more!

Resources for teachers

Help create an #AllergyAware school with our resources, including learning about our brand new school program “All about food allergy”.

Offers from our sponsors

Our back-to-school campaign sponsors have special offers just for you!

Thank you to our sponsors:

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